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Finding stillness within

Updated: Feb 17

I was walking chaos, an eddy of thoughts as my name is eddy. I would blame everything visual around me for the circumstances I was in. I was not looking in the mirror and realizing who I had become. As humans, we are a collection of many years of childhood, present, ancestral beliefs, traumas, negative and positive thoughts. Many say, "Follow your heart," I say, "follow your mind, and the heart follows." You can replace a heart but never the mind. Mind(Knowledge), Emotions(heart), and Actions(body) is power! The collective MIND is real, and many such as myself have fallen from inner heaven to inner hell. The system or those in control know how to sublimely condition the masses's collective mind, especially through psychological and technological means for the AGENDA. I took responsibility and am practicing discernment so that I can remove myself from the trap and reach nirvana, heaven, or GOD. Mother Nature and my fishing have been pivotal in helping me see and experience GOD by calming the chaos in my mind, which leads to stable emotions and actions. It's all easier said than done as it is a battle for life, and when I make it to spirit man, I have won the war!

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