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The hunt for the elusive small mouth bass aka smallie

My journey to find smallies in the infamous nashua river has been a challenge.

Being an avid largemouth fisherman I can find and catch my share of nice largies. I thought smallmouths would be the same strategy but in 2022 I was in for a rude awakening as I started my search for smallies in Lake Messabesic and the Nashua River and finding out real quick the bite is very hard to find.

By the end of 2022 I found two smallies of all year fishing from my kayak. One was about 1.5lbs which I caught in Lake Messabesic and the other is the picture above which I caught in a random spot I came upon in MA on the Nashua River, It was a little off 2lbs.

This year I will fish further down towards MA and further up towards NH on the Nashua River and try my luck on the Merrimack River. I actually scouted out a few spots near me in milford with excellent rocky bottoms with boulders etc.

My thoughts and opinion with the history of the Nashua River, Merrimack River and its pollution, I wonder if these fish are not as abundant because of it? I mean they have to restock trout every year. Are fisherman overfishing the smallies and destroying the population? Or am I just a rookie and producing rookie results.😁

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