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The Road Less Fished

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

I started bank fishing the areas in NH where I live, since we moved here from Boston in 2021. Most the pond waters are kinda dead, so thay are pretty much taken over by the invasive chain pickerel that most everyone loves to hate. "Kill'em they say!" I say let them live! Finally I bought a Kayak last year and am able to expand my reach further into lakes and rivers. I've become a Yak fishing lover. I can get into places that most boats or bank fishermen cannot get into. I find the flats and way back hidden places no one would suspect a decent size bass would hang out! I did great this year finally landed my 5lb 2 Ounces Largemouth Bass and have lost monsters along the way. I used a chartreuse Swime Jig on top with monster action which kind represents a big frog🐸. Next spring hopefully that 7 pounder will be at the road less fished waiting on me. I thank GOD and my buddy Matt for introducing me into the kayak life!


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